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Watch this video and more on Le Sweat TV



Up Next in Week 01

  • 25m UPPER BODY ONLY 01

    This workout is beginner-friendly. If you are looking to make it more challenging, all you have to do is add heavier weights!

    What to expect:
    - Only upper body exercises
    - Use of a chair, so you can sit down while exercises
    - Great for beginners looking to build up arm strength!
    - Pregnancy safe...

  • 20m KNEE STRENGTH 02

    What to expect:
    - No squats or lunges
    - Single leg strength
    - Step-ups
    - Bodyweight exercises
    - Low impact and pregnancy safe

    Equipment needed: box, bench, or chair

  • 20m LOWER BODY 01

    Two of the largest muscle groups of the body -- the glutes and the quads -- are going to get worked on working out in this one. Wondering how many times a week to fit this bad boy in? Shoot for two to three times a week for maximum results.

    Equipment needed: dumbbells