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Watch this video and more on Le Sweat TV


30-45 MINUTES • 48m

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  • 30m CARDIO 01

    What to expect:
    - Combination of bodyweight and dumbbell workouts
    - Includes jumping (e.g., jump squats)
    - Core finisher

    Equipment needed: medium to heavy weights

  • 30m STRENGTH 03

    A great flow of exercises leaves your body feeling good after this strength routine. Don't be afraid to pick up heavier weights!

    What to expect in this workout:
    - Squats (duh!)
    - RFE Deadlifts
    - Curtsy lunges
    - Quick hits of cardio
    - Core finisher at the end

  • 30m FULL BODY + BANDS 03

    Equipment needed: bands and bodyweight.

    What to expect:
    - Full body workout
    - Great for mobility
    - Low intensity (no jumping)

    This workout would be a great post-run or post-cycle routine. Follow-up this workout with a lower-body explosive workout if you are looking for more!