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Watch this video and more on Le Sweat TV

Up Next in WEEK 04

  • 25m YOGA FLOW 01

    Flow with Charlee and build your leg strength while working on your hip mobility in this yoga for athletes' flow.

    What to expect:
    - standing warrior series slowed down
    - side planks
    - hip stretches


    Equipment: dumbbells

    If you are an avid aerobic enthusiast that partakes in bipedal movement in the form of cycling and/or running, this is the cross-training workout for you. We recommend doing this routine 2-3x a week.

  • 20m HEAVY WEIGHTS 01

    This workout is a bang for your buck. If you are looking to get a full body strength and conditioning workout in, this is it.

    What to expect:
    - 3 sets of exercises: 2 strength, 1 cardio
    - medium to heavy weights recommended
    - jumping exercises included during cardio session
    - No warm-up included...