50-60 Minutes

50-60 Minutes

All workouts on Le Sweat TV that are 60-minutes.

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50-60 Minutes
  • 50m FULL BODY (HIIT) 02

    This workout includes:
    - EMOM with weights
    - Bodyweight cardio session
    - Some jumping involved

    Equipment needed: Dumbbells or kettlebells


    A total body workout including strength and cardio. The best part is there is no jumping in this work, so you can leave your shoes in the closet. Oh, and did we mention upper body?

    What to expect:
    - Standing ab exercises
    - Arm, back, and shoulder exercises
    - Core + Cardio exercises
    - Squats and...

  • 60 MIN FULL BODY 01

    This hour-long workout includes strength and cardio work. You can expect some jumping exercises. Warm-up and stretch included.

    What to expect:
    - Split squats
    - Push-ups
    - Various HIIT and Cardio moves

    Equipment needed: weights and exercise bands