A collection of bands workouts on Le Sweat TV.

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  • 10m BOOTY BANDS 02

    A booty band workout for all levels of athletes. Great as a workout by itself or a perfect ten minute session to stack onto other workouts.

    What to expect:
    - standing and floor exercises
    - no jumping, low impact, knee-friendly
    - beginner-friendly, pregnancy-friendly
    - includes music

    Equipment ...

  • 30m LOWER BODY + BANDS 01

    This workout only uses bodyweight and bands. You can expect a low-impact sweat sesh that focuses on the booty and coreā€”an excellent sweat sesh for all athletes, especially those with tight hips.

    What to expect:
    - no jumping, low impact, and knee-friendly
    - hip activation drills
    - abs exercises ...

  • 35m YOGA + BANDS 02

    Start out with some lower body activation drills using bands before heading into this challenging, yet shooting yoga flow.

    What to expect:
    - single-leg squats
    - warrior poses
    - couch stretch (deep hip flexor stretch)

    Equipment needed: mini-exercise bands, elevated surface (bench, chair, or couch)


    This is the perfect workout when you are craving a light day or are coming back from a vacation.

    What to expect:
    - 25 minutes of working out
    - 15 minutes of stretching/mobility
    - booty and hip exercises

    Equipment needed: bands

  • 15m UPPER BODY 02

    Are you looking for an upper-body workout with minimal equipment? This is the video for you!

    What to expect:
    - no push-ups
    - no weights, bodyweight, and bands only
    - great to add before or after any other LSTV workout

    Equipment needed: bands


    Equipment needed: Bands (shoes optional)

    Your hips will feel amazing after this! Great to do before or after a cycle/run. Perfect for easing back into movement.

    What to expect:
    - minimal jumping
    - knee friendly
    - booty and core exercises
    - quick cool down and stretch at the end

  • 40m YOGA + BANDS 01

    What to expect:
    - Hip strengthening band exercises
    - Booty band exercises
    - Posture exercises
    - ~15 minutes of yoga at the end of the workout include hip stretches and balance exercises

    Equipment needed: bands

  • 20m KNEE STRENGTH 01

    Are you looking to strengthen your knees for all your other Le Sweat seshes? If the answer is yes or yes, you have landed in the right place!

    What to expect:
    - No jumping
    - No squats or lunges
    - Hip focused exercises
    - Low impact and pregnancy safe

    Equipment needed: bands


    Equipment needed: Mini exercise bands

    What to expect:
    - Shoulder mobility
    - Hip mobility
    - If you are looking for more workouts after this check out any of our No Jumping workouts


    What to expect:
    - Hip and hamstring mobility exercises
    - Posture mobility exercises
    - This is a good workout to do on a rest or low-impact day

    Equipment needed: mini exercise bands

  • 30m FULL BODY + BANDS 03

    Equipment needed: bands and bodyweight.

    What to expect:
    - Full body workout
    - Great for mobility
    - Low intensity (no jumping)

    This workout would be a great post-run or post-cycle routine. Follow-up this workout with a lower-body explosive workout if you are looking for more!

  • 30m FULL BODY + BANDS 02

    What to expect in this workout:
    - Hip strengthening exercises
    - Core exercises
    - Quick cardio set

    Equipment needed: bands

  • 9m FULL BODY (BANDS) 01

    If done daily, you should start to notice an improvement in your hip and shoulder mobility.

    Equipment needed: resistance bands

  • 7m LOWER BODY (BANDS) 01

    If done daily, you should start to see an improvement in your hip mobility. A great workout for runners or cyclists.

    Equipment needed: mini exercise bands

  • 8m FULL BODY (BANDS) 01

    If done daily, you should start to notice an improvement in your hamstring mobility.

    Equipment needed: Mini-exercise bands

  • 9m POSTURE W/ BANDS 01

    Quick video using bands that targets the back muscles and can improve posture when done consistently.

    Equipment needed: bands

  • 10m BOOTY BANDS 01

    This workout is a great quickie option on its own, or a fantastic class to do before any cardio, strength, or HIIT workouts.

    More info:
    - no jumping, knee-friendly
    - no music

    Equipment needed: resistance bands


    You can expect circuit-style training (aka cardio city) with some fun ways to incorporate bands into a workout. Happy working on working out!

    Equipment needed: bands


    Equipment needed: mini exercise bands.

    This was previously live on Charlee's Instagram May 20, 2020. She is using "light" and "medium' bands. This workout is a low impact and great for mobility, especially for runners and cyclists. You will definitely feel this one in the booty and hamstrings.

  • 25m ARMS + ABS 01

    This is the perfect workout to pair with a run or cycling day since it is an upper-body focus. We know you love the ab workouts too, so of course, we didn't leave those out!

    Equipment needed: bands

  • 30m FULL BODY + BANDS 01

    Tights hips and shoulders? This is a great workout to help you break and sweat while loosening up. Let us know if you feel taller after this Le Sweat sesh!

    What to expect:
    - core exercises
    - posture exercises
    - low impact, no jumping

    Equipment needed: bands


    Exercises in this workout:
    - Clamshells & Hip Abductions
    - Single leg exercises
    - Booty building workout
    - Low impact and includes stretching

    Equipment needed: dumbbells & bands

  • 40m FULL BODY (BANDS) 03

    What to expect in this workout:
    - Some jumping in the form of HIIT
    - Lower body exercises using the resistance bands
    - Core exercises
    - Stretching at the end
    - Music

    Equipment needed: bands

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  • 10m UPPER BODY + BANDS 01

    Are you ready to put your Le Sweat resistance bands to use? This is a great video to add to any other workout or to do on its own.

    What to expect in this workout:
    - Bicep curls
    - Tricep extensions
    - Low impact

    Equipment needed: Resistance Bands
    Get your Le Sweat resistance bands here: https://...