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20m Quick & Efficient Strength (DB/KBs)



  • 35m Ease Back In Full Body Strength (...

    LEVEL: Beginner-friendly
    SWEAT SCORE: 3/5

    ABOUT: Beginner-friendly, full-body strength workout using a box and dumbbells (10-15lbs). Five sets of exercises completed for two rounds each.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: Box step-up, single-leg box get-up, dumbbell swing, squat+curl+press

    OTHER: Low impa...

  • 25m Low-Impact Strength (DBs)

    Ease back in to exercise with this low-impact, full-body strength workout using dumbbells (5-20lbs). Warm-up followed by three circuits of strengthening exercises.

    - Highlighted exercises: lift/chop, standing side crunch, lateral squat, sumo deadlift, elevated push-up
    - No jumping, beginner, an...

  • 45m Advanced Full Body HIIT (DBs)

    LEVEL: Advanced
    SWEAT SCORE: 5/5

    ABOUT: Advanced, full body HIIT class using dumbbells. Warm-up, two strength+cardio circuits, two AMRAP circuits, and a cool-down stretch

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: Lateral squat, dumbbell squat jump, squat thruster

    OTHER: Includes music

    EQUIPMENT: Dumbbells