Want to start moving and stay moving? This is the #LeSweat goal for you. This collection of workout classes is from some of our most popular Le Sweat Challenges.

It is recommended to have dumbbells or hand weights for most of these workouts.

We recommend taking 3 to 5 workouts a week. If you want a little bit more direction, check out any one of these programs:

Le Sweat 7-Day Jumpstart
28-Day Start Somewhere Challenge
28-Day Break Le Sweat Challenge
Le Sweat Yourself Strong Challenges #1 - #4

*Tip: Download the calendar from your challenge of choice for the full class list:

The best way to keep track of your progress is by knowing your baseline or starting fitness levels. We recommend taking the Le Sweat Fitness Test before you begin and then again 1x a month after that.

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  • 30m Killer Full Body Strength (DBs)

    Challenging full-body strength workout using dumbbells (5-10lbs). Bodyweight warm-up followed by two strength circuits. Ends with a bodyweight core finisher and a cool-down stretch.

    - Highlighted exercises: dumbbell swing, RDLs, standing cross-body abs, tricep dips
    - Low-impact and no jumping
    - ...

  • 20m Toning Full Body Strength (DBs)

    LEVEL: Intermediate
    SWEAT SCORE: 4/5

    ABOUT: Intermediate, full-body strength workout using dumbbells (5-10lbs). Warm-up followed by three strength circuits completed two times each.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: sumo deadlift, push press, renegade row, DB pull thru + back fly

    OTHER: Low impact and no...

  • 25m Low-Impact Strength (DBs)

    Ease back in to exercise with this low-impact, full-body strength workout using dumbbells (5-20lbs). Warm-up followed by three circuits of strengthening exercises.

    - Highlighted exercises: lift/chop, standing side crunch, lateral squat, sumo deadlift, elevated push-up
    - No jumping, beginner, an...

  • 30m Full Body Cardio Burn (DB/KBs)

    A Le Sweat Fam favorite workout class! Total body cardio workout using dumbbells and kettlebells (15-35 lbs). Warm-up, dynamic warm-up, strength set, killer cardio finisher, and a cool-down stretch.

    - Highlighted exercises: reverse lunge + skip, kettlebell swings, 1/2 kneeling get-up, kick thru

  • 25m Bodyweight Cardio Blast

    LEVEL: Intermediate
    SWEAT SCORE: 3/5

    ABOUT: Intermediate outdoor cardio workout using bodyweight only. Warm-up followed by two circuits of lower body, core, and cardio exercises.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: knee driver + reverse lunge, low lunge lift-offs, 1/2 runner’s crunch

  • 25m Heart-Pumping Bodyweight Cardio

    LEVEL: Intermediate
    SWEAT SCORE: 4/5

    ABOUT: Intermediate full body cardio workout using bodyweight only. Standing warm-up followed by three circuits.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: lateral lunge, lizard walks, crab reach, standing rainbows, sprawls

    EQUIPMENT: yoga block and shoes are recommended (but ...

  • 20m Killer Bodyweight Tabata

    LEVEL: Advanced
    SWEAT SCORE: 5/5

    ABOUT: Advanced, full-body Tabata HIIT workout using zero equipment. Warm-up followed by four Tabata intervals using bodyweight exercises.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: jump squat, sprawl, push-up release, bicycles

    OTHER: Tabata is 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work follo...

  • 25m Fiery Full Body HIIT (DBs)

    Intense full-body HIIT class using dumbbells (15 lbs). Dynamic warm-up, two strength sets with compound exercises, ends on a bodyweight cardio finisher.

    - Highlighted exercises: DB snatch, jump squat, sprawl, quick feet, squat+curl+press
    - No music

    Burn score: 5/5


    LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced

    ABOUT: Intermediate, full body HIIT workout using dumbbells (10-15lbs). Includes an AMRAP section with five exercises completed for as many rounds as possible during a ten minute interval. Class structure: warm-up, dynamic warm-up, AMRAP, core f...


    The Le Sweat Fitness Test is a strength and endurance test designed to track progress in workouts. It is recommended to take the test monthly.

    Equipment needed: chair or elevated surface

    Directions: Using a timer, time how long it takes to complete the following:

    100 reps of each of the follow...