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30m Hardcore Full Body HIIT (DBs)

HIIT • 34m

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  • 40m Low-Impact Bodyweight HIIT

    LEVEL: Intermediate
    SWEAT SCORE: 3/5

    ABOUT: Intermediate bodyweight HIIT class that can easily be modified to a beginner-friendly option. Class structure: warm-up, dynamic warm-up, two strength circuits, core circuit, and cardio + core finisher.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: multiple lunge variations,...

  • 15m Standing Bodyweight Tabata

    LEVEL: Beginner-friendly
    SWEAT SCORE: 2/5

    ABOUT: Beginner-friendly, quick bodyweight Tabata workout filmed in a hotel. Warm-up followed by three rounds of Tabata. All exercises are standing.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: wall march, squats, curtsy lunge, standing side crunch

    OTHER: Knee-friendly, pr...

  • 30m Intense Kettlebell HIIT

    Join Ben, a master at kettlebells, in this advanced, full-body HIIT workout that was voted one of the most challenging workouts on LSTV. Class structure: warm-up, strength circuit, kettlebell swing circuit, two AMRAP rounds to finish.

    - Highlighted exercises: pendulum lunge, kettlebell swings, s...