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20m Toning Lower Body Strength (DB/KBs)



  • 25m Kettlebell Technique (HIIT)

    LEVEL: Advanced
    SWEAT SCORE: 4/5

    ABOUT: Full body HIIT workout using kettlebells (18-30lbs). This workout brings in a lot of kettlebell technique, which is why it is marked as ‘advanced.’ Class structure: dynamic warm-up, swinging set, single-arm technique training, Turkish get-up variation fini...

  • 25m Kettlebell Strength w/ EMOM

    LEVEL: Intermediate
    SWEAT SCORE: 4/5

    ABOUT: Intermediate, full body working using kettlebells (18-30lbs). Class structure: dynamic warm-up, strength set, 10m EMOM set, and max push-up test to finish. This workout has one kneeling exercise.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: bottoms-up press, deadstop swing...

  • 7m Kneeling Kettlebell Warm-Up

    LEVEL: Beginner-friendly

    ABOUT: Shoulder, spine, and hip mobility warm-up with a medium kettlebell (18lbs). Move through this quick warm-up to prime the body for your next workout.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: half-kneeling windmill, t-spine rotations, and hinges

    EQUIPMENT: kettlebells