A collection of knee friendly and knee strengthening workouts on Le Sweat TV.

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    Moderate full-body strength workout using bodyweight and dumbbells (10-15 lbs) with music added. Low-impact, beginner, and pregnancy-friendly (modify core exercises as needed). Great for runners and cyclists.

    Class set-up:
    - warm-up
    - (2) strength sets, including isometric holds
    - bodyweight co...

  • 20m CORE WORKOUT 03

    A core workout that feels good on the hips too. Enjoy ab exercises and booty exercises at the same time.

    What to expect:
    - No jumping, low-impact, knee-friendly
    - Core-focused workout
    - Includes music

    Equipment needed: dumbbells

    đŸ”¥ Burn score: 2.8/4

  • 30m KNEE STRENGTH 01

    This no-jumping workout focuses on lower body strength, specifically strengthening the knees, hips, and glutes.

    What to expect:
    No-jumping and pregnancy-friendly
    Knee, booty, and hip strengthening exercises
    Includes music

    Equipment needed: yoga block, wall

    đŸ”¥ Burn score: 2.7/4

  • 20m CORE WORKOUT 02

    Welcome to your new favorite core routine. This total body workout focusing on the midsection will likely be added to your favorites. It is a solid workout on its own or an excellent way to ease back into movement.

    What to expect:
    - Side body (oblique) exercises
    - No jumping
    - Beginner and pregn...


    A full-body HIIT class using Tabata intervals (twenty seconds on, ten-second recovery).

    What to expect:
    - low-impact cardio and HIIT exercises
    - booty and core exercises
    - pregnancy-friendly
    - no music

  • 10m BOOTY BANDS 02

    A booty band workout for all levels of athletes. Great as a workout by itself or a perfect ten minute session to stack onto other workouts.

    What to expect:
    - standing and floor exercises
    - no jumping, low impact, knee-friendly
    - beginner-friendly, pregnancy-friendly
    - includes music

    Equipment ...

  • 30m LOWER BODY + BANDS 01

    This workout only uses bodyweight and bands. You can expect a low-impact sweat sesh that focuses on the booty and core—an excellent sweat sesh for all athletes, especially those with tight hips.

    What to expect:
    - no jumping, low impact, and knee-friendly
    - hip activation drills
    - abs exercises ...

  • 15m CORE STRENGTH 01

    This core workout was originally designed to be a part of our 'Workout for Cyclists,' but cycle or not -- enjoy this abs-only video!

    What to expect:
    - focus on the total core
    - plank variations
    - dead bugs
    - low impact, no jumping, knee-friendly
    - no music

    Equipment needed: yoga block (recommen...


    A solid workout on its own, or great to add to any other 'le' sweat session.

    What to expect:
    - No jumping, low-impact, knee-friendly
    - Booty and hamstring focused
    - No squats, no lunges
    - No music

    Equipment needed: none

  • 10m HIP MOBILITY 02

    If getting into a deeper squat is your goal or simply alleviated stress in the hips, this is the video for you.

    What to expect:
    - 4 quick mobility drills targeting the hips
    - pregnancy safe and good for all levels
    - no music

    Equipment needed: none

  • 15m STANDING LEGS 01

    A great workout that targets the booty and obliques.

    What to expect:
    - standing exercises only
    - oblique and core exercises
    - booty exercises
    - includes music

    Equipment needed: elevated surface

  • 15m LOWER BODY 01

    This total body workout with a lower-body focus will challenge your strength and stability in new ways. This is one of our most 'functional' workouts that will most relate to your daily routines.

    What to expect:
    - Lower body strength and stability focused
    - Unilateral exercises
    - Mostly standing...

  • 15m LOWER BACK 01

    Are you looking for a great way to wind down a long day sitting at a desk? This is the perfect video for you.

    What to expect:
    - lower back strengthening exercises
    - hip strengthening exercises
    - lower back stretches
    - bodyweight only

    Equipment needed: none

  • 35m FULL BODY 04

    A total body workout using bodyweight and dumbbells.

    What to expect:
    - no jumping
    - low impact cardio
    - core and strength exercises
    - bear plank rows and side plank variations

    Equipment needed: dumbbells


    This is the mobility routine Charlee does daily to keep her aging successfully!

    What to expect:
    - hip mobility
    - shoulder mobility
    - spine mobility
    - core activations throughout the entire routine

    Equipment needed: yoga block (recommended)


    Equipment needed: Bands (shoes optional)

    Your hips will feel amazing after this! Great to do before or after a cycle/run. Perfect for easing back into movement.

    What to expect:
    - minimal jumping
    - knee friendly
    - booty and core exercises
    - quick cool down and stretch at the end


    What to expect:
    - minimal chaturanga flows
    - knee strengthening poses

    Equipment needed: yoga blocks (recommended)

  • 30m LOWER BODY + CORE 01

    Equipment needed: dumbbells

    What to expect:
    - hip strengthening
    - knee-friendly (1 round of lunges for warm-up)
    - core exercises
    - no jumping (shoes optional)

  • 30m LOWER BODY 01

    Enjoy this low-impact, lower-body-focused workout. Also, surprise EMOM set in the middle of the workout!

    What to expect:
    - Lower body focus
    - EMOM Set
    - Dumbbell Snatches
    - No jumping
    - Core and arm exercises included

    Equipment needed: dumbbells

    Connect with your LSTV Fam in our private Fac...


    What to expect:
    - All standing exercises
    - Travel, hotel, and small spaces friendly
    - No shoes are needed
    - Minimal jumping

    Equipment needed: a wall


    What to expect:
    - No "ground" exercises
    - Beginner-friendly
    - Perfect to do in a hotel or small space

    Equipment needed: chair and a wall

  • 20m KNEE STRENGTH 02

    What to expect:
    - No squats or lunges
    - Single leg strength
    - Step-ups
    - Bodyweight exercises
    - Low impact and pregnancy safe

    Equipment needed: box, bench, or chair

  • 20m KNEE STRENGTH 01

    Are you looking to strengthen your knees for all your other Le Sweat seshes? If the answer is yes or yes, you have landed in the right place!

    What to expect:
    - No jumping
    - No squats or lunges
    - Hip focused exercises
    - Low impact and pregnancy safe

    Equipment needed: bands


    It is recommended to do this hamstring mobility every other day for maximum results.

    Equipment needed: chair or bench

    James Chung, CSCS: James is a Doctor of Physical Therapy student, rehabilitation and strength training specialist, and certified Kinstretchâ„¢ Mobility instructor in New York C...