LSTV can absolutely help you meet your weight loss goals. Just be sure to begin with the facts, from Le Sweat’s lead trainer, Charee Atkins:

The best and most scientific way to lose weight is through a calorie deficit, i.e., burning more calories than you eat. There are many ways to achieve a calorie deficit (without feeling hangry!), but the best approach begins with a realistic goal.

Before you begin this journey, I highly recommend watching the 'Using a Nutrition Calculator' video and trying Precision Nutrition’s calorie calculator because what you can measure, you can manage. Here are my recommendations for embarking on a safe and effective weight loss journey:

1. Begin with a Nutrition Check-In and Google away if you have trouble wrapping your head around the concept of a calorie deficit
2. Commit to regular movement (30+ minutes of physical activity daily–and yes, walking counts)
3. Increase the frequency, intensity (or both!) of your workouts
4. Include strength training in your regular weekly workout
5. Consistency: See “Get Consistent” and/or try one of our challenges for maximum results

28-Day Break Le Sweat Challenge
Le Sweat Yourself Strong Challenges #1 thru #4

*Tip: Download the calendar from your challenge of choice for the full class list:

The best way to keep track of your progress is to begin by identifying your baseline or starting fitness levels. We recommend taking the Le Sweat Fitness Test before you begin and again 1x a month after that. We also suggest focusing on non-scale victories (i.e., how well your clothes fit).

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  • 20m Sweaty Bodyweight Cardio

    LEVEL: Intermediate
    SWEAT SCORE: 4/5

    ABOUT: Super fun and sweaty intermediate, full body cardio workout using zero equipment. Class structure: three sets of exercises, including warm-up, strength, and cardio finisher.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: Jump squat, lateral bounds, quick feet, triphasic push...

  • 25m Fiery Full Body HIIT (DBs)

    Intense full-body HIIT class using dumbbells (15 lbs). Dynamic warm-up, two strength sets with compound exercises, ends on a bodyweight cardio finisher.

    - Highlighted exercises: DB snatch, jump squat, sprawl, quick feet, squat+curl+press
    - No music

    Burn score: 5/5


    Low-impact, beginner-friendly Tabata HIIT using no equipment. Warm-up followed by four rounds of Tabata intervals using bodyweight exercises.

    - Highlighted exercises: step jacks, squat + kick, standing spider, curtsy lunge
    - Low-impact, beginner, and pregnancy-friendly
    - No music

    Equipment need...


    Calculating daily calorie intake, macronutrient splits, recommended meals, and more!

    Precision Nutrition Calculator Link

    Interested in getting certified with Precision Nutrition?

  • 15m Fiery Bodyweight HIIT

    LEVEL: Advanced
    SWEAT SCORE: 4/5

    ABOUT: Advanced full-body HIIT class using bodyweight only—two sets of HIIT exercises done for two rounds each. Lower-body focused.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: reverse lunge + skip, sprawls, side-lying abduction

  • 10m Advanced Bodyweight Abs (No Repeats)

    Killer abs-only workout with no repeating exercises using bodyweight only. All exercises, except one plank and one side plank, are done on the back.

    - Highlighted exercises: dead bug, iso side plank, runner's crunch combo
    - No music

    Burn score: 4/5
    Level: Advanced


    LEVEL: Beginner-friendly
    SWEAT SCORE: 3/5

    ABOUT: Leg day workout with a total body focus using dumbbells (10-15 lbs). Warm-up followed by three lower body circuits. The final circuit is a Le Sweat Fam favorite (get-ups).

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: Ground get-up, iso split squats, goblet march


  • 35m Low-Impact Full Body HIIT (DB/KBs)

    LEVEL: Intermediate
    SWEAT SCORE: 3/5

    ABOUT: No-jumping full-body HIIT workout using dumbbells and kettlebells (10-25lbs). Quick warm-up followed by a twenty-minute strength EMOM (every minute on the minute) set. Class ends with a bodyweight core EMOM finisher.


  • 45m Sweaty Tabata HIIT (DBs)

    LEVEL: Intermediate
    SWEAT SCORE: 4/5

    ABOUT: Voted as a top favorite by LSTV Members, get ready for an intermediate full-body HIIT class with Tabata rounds. Class structure: warm-up, strength circuit, cardio circuit, two Tabata rounds, and a ten-minute mobility session to finish the class.


  • 15m Heart-Pumping Bodyweight HIIT

    LEVEL: Intermediate
    SWEAT SCORE: 3/5

    ABOUT: Intermediate full-body HIIT class using bodyweight only. Includes two sets of exercises completed for two rounds each. Shoes are recommended.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: jump squats, mountain climbers, push-ups


    LEVEL: Advanced
    SWEAT SCORE: 4/5

    ABOUT: Full-body strength workout using weights (10-25 lbs). Quick warm-up, one strength set completed 3x, and a plank series finisher.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: isometric holds, split squat, overhead press, bent-over row

    OTHER: Low-impact and pregnancy-friendly ...

  • 20m Quick & Efficient Strength (DB/KBs)

    Intermediate, full body strength workout using weights (10-25lbs). Class structure: mobilizing warm-up, three strength sets completed for two rounds each, and a bodyweight Tabata finisher.

    - Highlighted exercises: plank dumbbell pull-through, dumbbell suitcase swing, goblet squat, sprawl, kick-t...

  • 40m Muscle-Burning Cardio (DBs)

    LEVEL: Intermediate
    SWEAT SCORE: 3/5

    ABOUT: Intermediate, full-body cardio workout using dumbbells (15 lbs). Five sets of 4-5 exercises, including a warm-up, cardio, strength, and abs set. Stretch at cooldown.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: Single-leg hop, crab toe touch, squat + press

    OTHER: Include...

  • 25m Low-Impact Strength (DBs)

    Ease back in to exercise with this low-impact, full-body strength workout using dumbbells (5-20lbs). Warm-up followed by three circuits of strengthening exercises.

    - Highlighted exercises: lift/chop, standing side crunch, lateral squat, sumo deadlift, elevated push-up
    - No jumping, beginner, an...


    The Le Sweat Fitness Test is a strength and endurance test designed to track progress in workouts. It is recommended to take the test monthly.

    Equipment needed: chair or elevated surface

    Directions: Using a timer, time how long it takes to complete the following:

    100 reps of each of the follow...