Popular on Le Sweat

Popular on Le Sweat

A compilation of the most popular classes on Le Sweat TV as voted by our LSTV Fam.

We select our classes by the number of completions as well as comments, so make sure you leave a comment on the workouts you love so we can add them to this list!

Popular on Le Sweat
  • 20m Quick & Efficient Strength (DB/KBs)

    Intermediate, full body strength workout using weights (10-25lbs). Class structure: mobilizing warm-up, three strength sets completed for two rounds each, and a bodyweight Tabata finisher.

    - Highlighted exercises: plank dumbbell pull-through, dumbbell suitcase swing, goblet squat, sprawl, kick-t...

  • 25m Low-Impact Strength (DBs)

    Ease back in to exercise with this low-impact, full-body strength workout using dumbbells (5-20lbs). Warm-up followed by three circuits of strengthening exercises.

    - Highlighted exercises: lift/chop, standing side crunch, lateral squat, sumo deadlift, elevated push-up
    - No jumping, beginner, an...

  • 40m Motivating Full Body HIIT (DB/KB)

    Intermediate full body HIIT workout using dumbbells and kettlebells (15-35 lbs). Warm-up followed by five circuits of full body conditioning exercises.

    - Highlighted exercises: sumo squat, in-out single-leg skip, curtsy lunge, floor press
    - Pregnancy-friendly (modify core and jumping exercise as...

  • 10m Advanced Bodyweight Abs (No Repeats)

    Killer abs-only workout with no repeating exercises using bodyweight only. All exercises, except one plank and one side plank, are done on the back.

    - Highlighted exercises: dead bug, iso side plank, runner's crunch combo
    - No music

    Burn score: 4/5
    Level: Advanced

  • 40m Full Body HIIT Burn (DBs)

    LEVEL: Intermediate-Advanced
    SWEAT SCORE: 4/5

    ABOUT: Killer full body HIIT workout combining strength, cardio, and HIIT using dumbbells (15-20 lbs). Class structure: warm-up, dynamic warm-up, strength, cardio, and bodyweight HIIT finisher.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: Isometric holds, sprawl, jump s...

  • 20m Empowering Full Body Strength (DBs)

    Intermediate full-body strength workout using bodyweight and dumbbells (10-15 lbs). No jumping, beginner, and pregnancy-friendly (modify core exercises as needed). Great for runners and cyclists.

    Class set-up:
    - warm-up
    - (2) strength sets, including isometric holds
    - bodyweight core finisher


  • 25m Fiery Full Body HIIT (DBs)

    Intense full-body HIIT class using dumbbells (15 lbs). Dynamic warm-up, two strength sets with compound exercises, ends on a bodyweight cardio finisher.

    - Highlighted exercises: DB snatch, jump squat, sprawl, quick feet, squat+curl+press
    - No music

    Burn score: 5/5

  • 10m Hips & Lower Back Stretch

    A bodyweight stretch + mobility class, including stretches targeting the hips and lower back.

    Equipment needed: none

  • 40m Empowering Strength (Heavy Weights)

    LEVEL: Intermediate
    SWEAT SCORE: 4/5

    ABOUT: Intermediate, full body strength workout using heavy weights (15-50lbs). Class structure: warm-up, bodyweight dynamic warm-up, two AMRAPs, core finisher, and a cool-down stretch.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: Sumo deadlift, tall-kneeling get-up, halo + rever...

  • 30m Full Body Cardio Burn (DB/KBs)

    A Le Sweat Fam favorite workout class! Total body cardio workout using dumbbells and kettlebells (15-35 lbs). Warm-up, dynamic warm-up, strength set, killer cardio finisher, and a cool-down stretch.

    - Highlighted exercises: reverse lunge + skip, kettlebell swings, 1/2 kneeling get-up, kick thru

  • 30m Advanced Bodyweight HIIT

    Advanced full body HIIT class using bodyweight only. Class structure: warm-up, core activation, three circuits. The final circuit is Charlee's famous "deconstructed burpee" circuit.

    - Highlighted exercises: sprawl, jump squat, kick thru, push-up reach
    - No music

    Sweat score: 5/5
    Level: Advanced

  • 12m Chill Full Body Stretch

    Never get up off the mat in this yoga flow, perfect for opening up the spine and hips.

    - Highlighted exercises: spinal twist, lizard stretch, seal pose
    - No music

    Intensity: 2/5

  • 30m Intense Arms & Abs (DBs)

    Advanced arms + abs workout using dumbbells (5-10 lbs). Quick warm-up followed by four circuits of upper body + core exercises.

    - Highlighted exercises: iso wall press, 1/2 bicycle, lateral raise, around the world
    - Posture workout
    - Includes music

    Equipment needed: dumbbells

    Strength score: ...