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20m Empowering Full Body Strength (DBs)



  • 10m Advanced Bodyweight Abs (No Repeats)

    Killer abs-only workout with no repeating exercises using bodyweight only. All exercises, except one plank and one side plank, are done on the back.

    - Highlighted exercises: dead bug, iso side plank, runner's crunch combo
    - No music

    Burn score: 4/5
    Level: Advanced

  • 20m Get Stronger Abs (DBs)

    LEVEL: Beginner-friendly
    SWEAT SCORE: 3/5

    ABOUT: Quick core and abs strength workout using dumbbells (5-10lbs). Warm-up followed by three circuits of core strengthening exercises.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: Chop/lift, 1/4 get-up, weighted side plank, dead bug

    OTHER: No jumping, knee-friendly. Incl...

  • 30m Knee-Strengthening Workout (Bodyw...

    LEVEL: Intermediate
    SWEAT SCORE: 3/5

    ABOUT: Low-impact, knee-strengthening workout using bodyweight only. Class structure: mobility warm-up, three strength circuits all completed three rounds each.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: wall sit, isometric split squat, hip raises, curtsy squat

    OTHER: Include...