Are you looking to do workouts that will help you tone up, lean out, and notice a difference in how your clothes fit? This is the #LeSweatGoal for you.

Toning up calls for a mixture of building muscle and redistributing tissues around the body. The best way to achieve this is by combining a regular exercise routine with compound exercises and a balanced diet consisting of more whole foods and less processed foods.

All you need to do these workouts is a set of weights, and some of the classes are bodyweight only. It is recommended to have dumbbells for some of these workouts to help build muscle.

We recommend doing 3 to 6 total body workouts per week for maximum results. Repeating and revisiting workouts you have already completed is highly recommended. We suggest adding weights to reach your goals as you complete more workouts.

Looking for a more structured program? We suggest trying one--or all--of our Le Sweat Challenges:
28-Day Break Le Sweat Challenge
Le Sweat Yourself Strong Challenge #1 thru #4
7-Minute Abs Challenges #1 or #2
28-Day Upper Body Challenge

*Tip: Download the calendar from your challenge of choice for the full class list:

The best way to keep track of your progress is by knowing your baseline or starting fitness levels. We recommend taking the Le Sweat Fitness Test before you begin and then again 1x a month after that.

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  • 20m Sweaty Bodyweight Cardio

    LEVEL: Intermediate
    SWEAT SCORE: 4/5

    ABOUT: Super fun and sweaty intermediate, full body cardio workout using zero equipment. Class structure: three sets of exercises, including warm-up, strength, and cardio finisher.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: Jump squat, lateral bounds, quick feet, triphasic push...

  • 7m ABS: EASY DOES IT #2

    Abs workout focusing on the obliques. Exercises included: side plank, bear plank, quarter get-up. A yoga block is optional.

    Burn score: 2/5

  • 7m ABS: AMP IT UP #2

    Quick abs workout using a yoga block and dumbbells (10 lbs). Exercises included are dead bug, plank reach, chop, and leg lowers.

    Equipment needed: dumbbells, yoga block (optional)

    Burn score: 3/5

  • 7m ABS: FEEL. THE. BURN! #2

    Intermediate to advanced abs workout using bodyweight only. Exercises included are bicycles, bear plank + knee tap, and plank variations.

    Burn score: 4/5


    Quick and spicy abs routine using a yoga block (optional). Exercises included: kick thru, dead bug, abs circles.

    Burn score: 5/5


    Beginner-friendly core strength workout using dumbbells (15 lbs). Warm-up followed by two circuits of exercises.

    - Highlighted exercises: elevated side plank, ground get-up, bird dog plank row
    - No jumping, beginner, and pregnancy friendly
    - No music

    Equipment needed: dumbbells, elevated surfac...

  • 20m Empowering Full Body Strength (DBs)

    Intermediate full-body strength workout using bodyweight and dumbbells (10-15 lbs). No jumping, beginner, and pregnancy-friendly (modify core exercises as needed). Great for runners and cyclists.

    Class set-up:
    - warm-up
    - (2) strength sets, including isometric holds
    - bodyweight core finisher



    Low-intensity upper body workout using light-to-medium dumbbells (5-10 lbs). Warm-up followed by two circuits of arms exercises.

    Highlighted exercises: overhead press, bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder rotations
    - No push-ups
    - Includes music

    Equipment needed: dumbbells

    Strength score:...

  • 40m Muscle-Burning Cardio (DBs)

    LEVEL: Intermediate
    SWEAT SCORE: 3/5

    ABOUT: Intermediate, full-body cardio workout using dumbbells (15 lbs). Five sets of 4-5 exercises, including a warm-up, cardio, strength, and abs set. Stretch at cooldown.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: Single-leg hop, crab toe touch, squat + press

    OTHER: Include...

  • 25m Heart-Pumping Bodyweight Cardio

    LEVEL: Intermediate
    SWEAT SCORE: 4/5

    ABOUT: Intermediate full body cardio workout using bodyweight only. Standing warm-up followed by three circuits.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: lateral lunge, lizard walks, crab reach, standing rainbows, sprawls

    EQUIPMENT: yoga block and shoes are recommended (but ...


    Low-impact, beginner-friendly Tabata HIIT using no equipment. Warm-up followed by four rounds of Tabata intervals using bodyweight exercises.

    - Highlighted exercises: step jacks, squat + kick, standing spider, curtsy lunge
    - Low-impact, beginner, and pregnancy-friendly
    - No music

    Equipment need...

  • 15m Toning Upper Body Strength (Bands)

    LEVEL: Beginner-Friendly
    SWEAT SCORE: 2/5

    ABOUT: Beginner-friendly arm workout using resistance bands.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: pull-aparts, biceps curls, side-lying triceps push-ups, back widow

    OTHER: Includes music

    EQUIPMENT: resistance bands


    Full body cardio workout with minimal jumping. Warm-up, two cardio circuits, and a killer core finisher. Includes cool-down stretch.

    - Highlighted exercises: air slam, reverse lunge + knee drive, crab toe-touch, vertical jump
    - No music

    Equipment needed: none

    Sweat score: 3/5
    Level: Intermediate

  • 20m Toning Lower Body Strength (DB/KBs)

    LEVEL: Beginner-friendly
    SWEAT SCORE: 3/5

    ABOUT: Beginner-friendly lower body strength workout using weights (18-25lbs). Warm-up, two leg circuits, and a killer core finisher. All sets completed two times each.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: SLDL, reverse+lateral lunge combo, bicycles, plank spiders



    Booty strengthening and toning workout using resistance bands.

    - Highlighted exercises: clamshells, hip extensions, glute bridges
    - No music

    Equipment needed: resistance bands

    Burn score: 3/5

  • 30m Full Body Cardio Burn (DB/KBs)

    A Le Sweat Fam favorite workout class! Total body cardio workout using dumbbells and kettlebells (15-35 lbs). Warm-up, dynamic warm-up, strength set, killer cardio finisher, and a cool-down stretch.

    - Highlighted exercises: reverse lunge + skip, kettlebell swings, 1/2 kneeling get-up, kick thru

  • 45m Sweaty Tabata HIIT (DBs)

    LEVEL: Intermediate
    SWEAT SCORE: 4/5

    ABOUT: Voted as a top favorite by LSTV Members, get ready for an intermediate full-body HIIT class with Tabata rounds. Class structure: warm-up, strength circuit, cardio circuit, two Tabata rounds, and a ten-minute mobility session to finish the class.


  • 50m Solid Full Body HIIT (Heavy Weights)

    LEVEL: Intermediate
    SWEAT SCORE: 4/5

    ABOUT: Intermediate, full body, strengthening HIIT workout using heavy weights (15-50lbs). Class structure: warm-up, dynamic warm-up, three strengthening circuits, one cardio circuit, and a cool-down stretch.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: Staggered squat, lateral ...

  • 20m Killer Bodyweight Tabata

    LEVEL: Advanced
    SWEAT SCORE: 5/5

    ABOUT: Advanced, full-body Tabata HIIT workout using zero equipment. Warm-up followed by four Tabata intervals using bodyweight exercises.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: jump squat, sprawl, push-up release, bicycles

    OTHER: Tabata is 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work follo...


    The Le Sweat Fitness Test is a strength and endurance test designed to track progress in workouts. It is recommended to take the test monthly.

    Equipment needed: chair or elevated surface

    Directions: Using a timer, time how long it takes to complete the following:

    100 reps of each of the follow...