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Watch this video and more on Le Sweat TV

Watch this video and more on Le Sweat TV

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  • 25m HIIT 02 (AMRAP)

    What to expect:
    - Jumping exercises
    - Bodyweight and dumbbells exercises
    - Core exercises

    Equipment needed: medium to heavy weights, elevated surface

  • 30m TABATA 01

    A solid HIIT or Cardio session that targets the whole body.

    What to expect in this workout:
    - Total body workout hitting arms, legs, and core.
    - Jumping and lifting exercises

    Equipment needed: weights.


    This workout is a great way to ease back into your workout routine using no equipment.

    What to expect:
    - Bodyweight exercises
    - Cardio exercises included
    - Full-body conditioning

    Equipment needed: none