Voted Hardest

Voted Hardest

Voted Hardest
  • 40m Advanced Full Body HIIT (DBs)

    LEVEL: Advanced
    SWEAT SCORE: 5/5

    ABOUT: Advanced full body HIIT class using dumbbells (10-20 lbs). Class structure: warm-up, two strength circuits, cardio circuit, core finisher, and stretch.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: overhead press, tempo squat, single-leg skip, sprawl, kick thru, lizard walk


  • 25m Killer Bodyweight Cardio

    Advanced full body cardio workout using bodyweight only. Warm-up followed by three circuits of bodyweight cardio exercises.

    Highlighted exercises: jump squat, crouching plank, push-up, reverse lunge + kick
    Includes music

    Equipment needed: none, shoes are recommended

    Sweat score: 5/5
    Level: Adv...

  • 30m Killer Full Body Strength (DBs)

    Challenging full-body strength workout using dumbbells (5-10lbs). Bodyweight warm-up followed by two strength circuits. Ends with a bodyweight core finisher and a cool-down stretch.

    - Highlighted exercises: dumbbell swing, RDLs, standing cross-body abs, tricep dips
    - Low-impact and no jumping
    - ...

  • 30m Hardcore Full Body HIIT (DBs)

    Intense full body HIIT workout using dumbbells (10-15 lbs). Class structure: warm-up, dynamic warm-up, cardio, strength, mat exercises.

    - Highlighted exercises: kick thru, split squat, lateral squat, bear plank row, high knees
    - Can be completed with or without dumbbells, and can be modified to...

  • 45m Challenging Full Body AMRAP (DBs)

    Challenging, intermediate, full body, HIIT workout using dumbbells (10-20lbs). Class structure: warm-up, dynamic warm-up, two AMRAP* circuits, cardio, core finisher, and cooldown stretch.
    *AMRAP = as many rounds as possible

    - Highlighted exercises: sumo deadlift, push press, reverse lunge + powe...

  • 30m Killer Bodyweight Tabata

    Full-body, advanced Tabata HIIT workout using zero equipment. Warm-up, dynamic warm-up, and five Tabata rounds.

    - Highlighted exercises: reverse kick, jump squats, sprawls, crab reach, mountain climber
    - Includes music

    Equipment needed: none

    Sweat score: 5/5
    Level: Advanced

    Tabata is 8 round...

  • 15m Extreme Bodyweight Tabata

    LEVEL: Advanced
    SWEAT SCORE: 5/5

    ABOUT: Advanced bodyweight HIIT. Warm-up followed by three Tabata rounds. Expect to move the entire time. Recovery sessions are active.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: seal jacks, runner's crunch, lateral bound, high knees, sprawls

    OTHER: Tabata is 8 rounds of 20 secon...

  • 20m Fiery Bodyweight Cardio

    Advanced cardio workout using no equipment. Warm-up followed by four cardio circuits using bodyweight exercises.

    - Highlighted exercises: crab reach, sprawl, side-to-side shuffle, star jump, mountain climbers, bicycles
    - No music

    Sweat score: 5/5
    Level: Advanced

  • 30m Intense Upper Body Strength (DBs)

    LEVEL: Advanced
    SWEAT SCORE: 5/5

    ABOUT: Advanced upper body workout using dumbbells with NYC trainer Bobby Westside. Work through the next thirty minutes, completing exercises specifically targeting the biceps, chest, and shoulders.

    HIGHLIGHTED EXERCISES: Biceps curl, hammer curl, push-up, plan...

  • 30m Intense Kettlebell HIIT

    Join Ben, a master at kettlebells, in this advanced, full-body HIIT workout that was voted one of the most challenging workouts on LSTV. Class structure: warm-up, strength circuit, kettlebell swing circuit, two AMRAP rounds to finish.

    - Highlighted exercises: pendulum lunge, kettlebell swings, s...